Supporting masai women

Education & training


Supporting the masai community

Tanzania is the land of the famous Masai tribe. The Masai are known for their traditional way of life, language and their beautiful jewelry and clothing. But also female genital mutilation, child marriages and the use of traditional midwives.

We see it as our obligation to give support to the masai community. Therefore Shemeji Safari donates 5% of the

profit to help Masai women. Updates and news about our support to the masai you find on our Facebook page.

Education and training

Shemeji Safari works with a local organization which is committed in the field of training and education for disadvantaged women/groups and the Masai community.


One of the problems the Masai girls face is that they have been given away for marriage at a young age. The dowry (cows) is already accepted so the decision can not be reversed. More and more mothers and daughters accept this no longer and the girls (average 13-18 years old) run a way from home. In Arusha, they are taken in by the local organization. To give the girls a chance for a new future, it is important they finish school. Shemeji Safari provides financial support so the girls can return to school. After they have completed their secundary school they choose, for example, an education to become a teacher.


Shemeji = sister in law

With the support of the masai women and girls we support 'our sisters', therefore we have named our company Shemeji which means sister in law.





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