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Day trips

Tanzania has more to offer than the safari parks. How about a hike through the beautiful countryside to the Sapuku waterfalls or a dive in the almost magical hot springs. Or how about a visit to a traditional Masai village. We like to put a full holiday program together where you combine a safari with some day trips. It's also possible to book separate day trips. Make the most of your vacation and enjoy the beauty of Tanzania.

Visiting a a traditional masai village

The Masai are a nomadic tribe living mainly in Kenya and Tanzania (East Africa). The Masai are the most famous people of East Africa and are known for their traditional way of life, language and their beautiful jewelry and clothing. Spread over Tanzania you will find traditional Masai villages. While visiting a Masai village (Manyatta) you discover more about the ancient traditions and rituals of the Masai

Swimming in the Kikuletwa Hot Springs

After a beautiful drive through the typical African landscape out of nowhere the Kikuletwa Hotsprings appear. You can swim in the clear water from underground rocks. A lovely place for relaxing and to recover from a busy week and enjoying a picnic.

Hike Sapuku waterfalls

The Sapuku waterfalls are located at Arusha the edge of town. You will go by public transport (dala dala) to the starting point of the walk. You make a two-hour hike through the forest where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the city and the mountain Mount Meru. It's a tough walk, but it's doable. At the falls we have lunch and you can swim. When we finish we walk back to the starting point

Walk around lake Duluti & a visit to a local market

Lake Duluti is a crater lake, about 20 minutes drive from Arusha. The lake is surrounded by a forest and is home to 130 bird species. During the walk around the lake (about 1.5 hours), there is a big chance you will see monkeys and large lizards. After the walk you can enjoy the beautiful view of the lake from the terrace. After lunch you go to the local market Tengeru where your eyes will be gazing at dozens of stalls that sell food, clothing , etc.

Coffee Tour

Mount Meru is a sleeping vulcano, making the soil very fertile, which is perfect for growing coffee. You will visit a local organic and Fair Trade coffee farm in Nkoaranga Village, 25km east of Arusha. First, your local guide will show you the village and tell you about its history. .After the walk you will enjoy a big Tanzanian lunch in the garden. The last stop is a coffee roasting factory. Here, you can taste freshly roasted coffee while you see the process of the roasting and grinding coffee.

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