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At the end of a safari day you want to overnight at a place which feels like home. A place where you can relax and

enjoy a good meal. We have personally selected the finest campsites, lodges and tented lodges for you. From

quality budget locations up to luxery and comfort accomodations. With an authentic atmosphere and

surrounded by nature. A home away from home.

Kirurumu Tented Lodge Manyara

Accomodation: tented lodge

Description: Kirurumu Manyara Lodge is set high on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, enjoying a marvellous, uplifting and panoramic view eastward over Lake Manyara, the Rift floor and Mt. Losimingori.

Exta activities: mountain biking, hiking

Location: close to Lake Manyara



Kudu lodge & campsite

Accomodation: bungalows and campsite

Description: Kudu Lodge and Campsite offers comfortable accommodation and pleasant surroundings. Kudu Lodge nestles in eleven acres of rolling countryside, amidst mature trees and gardens, home to myriad birds and a tranquil and shady oasis hideaway .

Extra activities: village walk and bike tour, elephant caves tour, mountain biking

Location: close to Ngorongoro conservation area

Haven Nature campsite

Accomodation: campsite (tents with beds)

Description: Haven Nature is a truly African Camping resort offering comfort and relaxation amidst nature’s own endowments. Its tranquil and unspoiled natural surroundings exude peace and calm, amidst exotic flora and fauna, open space and out door experience. A good budget location!

Location: close to Lake Manyara

Eileen's Trees Inn

Accomodation: bungalows

Description: The bungalows from Eleen's Trees Inn are surrounded by tropical gardens. At the end of a safari day you can relax at the swimming pool. The surroundings are tranquilizing and peaceful. This place has a unique character!

Location: close to Ngorongoro conservation area

Burudika Lodge

Accomodation: cottages

Description: From your private veranda you're overlooking Lake Manyara and the Great East Rift Valley escarpment. It offers sighting of plains game (wildebeest, gazelles, zebra, etc) and an abundance of bird species. The restaurant is nested under a majestic Baobab tree .

Location: close to Lake Manyara

Kiboko Lodge

Accomodation: cottages

Description: The Kiboko Lodge is the first lodge in the world run by (former) street. The lodge is part of the Watoto Foundation, all benefits go to this project that gives the street children a future. The lodge is in a unique natural area on the outskirts of Arusha National Park.

Location: close to Arusha National Park

Ngorongoro Forrest Lodge

Accomodation: tented lodge

Description: As you enter the property the first thing you’ll notice are the trees. Hundreds of white thorn acacia and other indigenous varieties, effectively expanding the forest. Scattered among these local trees are mango, guava and other fruit trees. If you are lucky you get a glimpse some of the wildlife that makes the forest its home.

Location: in Ngorongoro conservation area

Serengeti Wildland's Camp

Accomodation: tented lodge

Description: Serengeti Wilderness Camp is a ‘seasonal’ camp located in the heart of the Serengeti National Park. Seasonal camps have the benefit of being able to move to some of the best game viewing areas of the park and every three to six months the camp moves to a new location.

Location: in Serengeti National Park

Fanaka Safari Camp

Accomodation: bungalows / hotel rooms


Location: close to Lake Manyara



Kirurumu Tented Lodge Serengeti

Accomodation: tented lodge

Description: Kirurumu Serengeti Camp is a luxury mobile camp, moved seasonally to take best advantage of the Serengeti. The camp is used as a base, a spring board for an early morning game drive, a break for a sumptuous lunch, a respite from the heat of the day and the finale to a days adventure where stories can be swapped around a fire

Location: in Serengeti National Park

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