Climb the Kilimanjaro

Climbing the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is truly an unforgettable experience. Mount Kilimanjaro is the largest free-standing mountain in the world and the highest mountain on the African continent. Kilimanjaro rises majestically from the plains to the snow and ice-covered peak at the height of 5895 meters. There are several routes you can walk. Please contact us for more information about the routes and possibilities.

Choose your route

Mount Kilimanjaro has six trekking routes and each route has its own advantages and disadvantages, so when selecting the route, make sure it is the appropriate route for your desires, physical ability, aptitude and comfort level as this will contribute to your overall summit success. All routes (with the exception of the Lemosho Route) can be hiked within 6 days however 7 days is highly recommended to allow for acclimatisation and a successful summit.